This is the shitty first draft so if you're reading the first draft, sorry, but that's the only way I get these things written down. In fact, thinking about it, it may not get editted at all. How bad is that.

This is something I'm still learning to do at the tender age of 53, to not be a perfectionist, to not worry about what people may think of me or my work, to not mentally search for the "best" solution in whatever I'm doing. I'm a work in progress but I AM getting better at not trying to be perfect, because let's face it, none of us are.

So, this website is my outlet for imperfect work. It's a way to let myself off the hook so to speak. A place to experiment and express myself creatively, unfettered. It's my mental health medicine.

If you're reading this post and think that I'm about to give you some advice on how to overcome creative block, you'll be disappointed. There's a plethora of "how to's" littering the internet, some useful and some less so. I can only describe to you my experience of struggling to capture my somewhat fleating ideas. The times when I'll have an idea, only for my inner voice to say "that's rubbish" or "what's the point?" It's a constant game of cat and mouse. How do I stay one step ahead of my inner critic. How to silent him?

To be continued.......