First attempts at producing something in the World Creator App. 

I've literally only scratched the surface of what this amazing app can do. You basically create a land mass topology by dragging points around to get the basic shape of your landscape/world. You then have dozens of options to filter the landscape (or parts of it using regions) to create an infinite number of landscapes. When you're done you can export the landscape as a splat map which is a 2d represenation of your landscape.

In your 3d programme of choice (in my case Cinema 4d) you use the splat map to displace your geometry to recreate the landscape in 3d. As well as splat maps you can also create your textures in World Creator and import them into your 3d programme, however, I found the textures to be fairly limited so using something like Pixel Megascans would be a better option. Anyway, that's a very basic explaination of the process and I'm still learning!


One of the things I spent the most time on with this project (apart from the rendering!) is getting the textures to look right. It uses sub-surfacing scattering for that snowy/icy look but gatting all the parameters balanced was wuite a task. Reasonably happy with the result but always room for improvement.

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